Subtitles On (I Also Like Gossip)

I like to watch movies with the subtitles on. And TV shows. If there is the option to show English subtitles, I’m turning them on. I like to read. That’s how I process information. The best format of studying for me is reading from a book and copying by hand onto paper. But I’m lazy, so that method of practice isn’t always used. I am a person of habit. I am a person of tradition. Although I like repetition, it is hard for me to accept it into my routine – especially if it is new and unknown to me. I do not like change. I like my comfort zone, and it’s very rare for me to leave it. I cry. A lot. Crying is how I express intense emotion, whether it be positive or negative. I have experienced both tears of pure joy and tears of pure rage, of pure depression, of pure grief. I am a pessimistic individual.

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