More Mystic Things (Aquarium & Pizza)

On the 1st of August we had a little bit of a late start, we woke up at about 11. By the time we had gotten out the door it was a little past afternoon. We kickstarted the day by going to a small breakfast spot that we passed by the night prior on an emergency Walmart run. They had fantastic French toast but just average pancakes for EJ.



Then we headed over to the aquarium as fast as we could! It was the middle of the week so it wasn’t super crowded. But, there were a couple school busses parked here and there, but that was to be expected. It honestly wasn’t as noisy and bustling as I thought it was going to be!



We read all the signs and stuff, I considered taking pictures of them so I could remember some cool fishy details, but I failed to do so. I also got pretty lost in the moment because I love the atmosphere of aquariums and I don’t think to pull out my phone as much.

We spent the day viewing many different underwater creatures and took a while in the gift shop, but we managed to get out of there in time for dinner. We headed back to downtown Mystic since it had a selection of restaurants we had never been to. After walking up and down the main street trying to compare three different menus, we settled on the infamous Mystic Pizza because the other places were just a little too fancy for our simple palettes. Despite us both being Julia Roberts fans (and raised by fans) we had never seen the movie. Though the booth we were sitting at had a nice continuous loop of the movie playing so we watched some bits and pieces. We also didn’t get pizza, but my pasta was superb and so was Eric’s burger.


I’m sorry if this posts lacks some authanticity that the others held in the past. The farther away this trip gets, the harder it is for me to write about it. I wish I had had the time to write about the fun stuff while we were there to give it a little more quality, but it slipped my mind because I was having such a nice time with my partner. Maybe in the future we’ll get to do this stuff everyday together and taking the evening to write about all our fun stuff won’t be such a hassle and time eater. But for now, I hope you enjoyed reading the little content I created for this short while. See you around soon.


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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