Mystic / Rhode Island Stay July 31

Tuesday, the 31st, we started our journey out to Mystic, which will be our third time driving across Connecticut to go to this quaint little town. Instead of just doing a day trip, we decided to stay at an Inn nearby that way we could explore more and pay a visit to Rhode Island, which Eric has also never been to.

Our first trip to Mystic back in May 2017. The fateful day I lost my wallet.
Us about a month later waiting in the drawbridge traffic about a month later.

We started the journey early and I believe we left the house before 12 pm, which is really rare for us night owls (though we had been going to bed fairly early… well, our early is 1 am when we’re used to falling asleep by 4). We didn’t have to check into the Inn until 4 and it would take us about two hours to drive across the state from my house in the part of Connecticut that’s literally just woods and farms (AKA, the middle of nowhere). We took our time getting over there and ended up driving around to get a feel of the place before settling into the Cedar Park Inn & Suites in North Stonington.

We stopped to get early dinner / late lunch at a place called the Mystic Diner. Very average food and service for a rather pricey bill but served as a cute date spot and photoshoot.



By then our hotel was ready so we checked in. The Inn & Suites is a very interesting place, but at this moment in time it wasn’t very busy (probably because it was the middle of the week, but we liked that!).  I liked the layout and set up of the hotel quite a lot. Of course we wanted to stay somewhere that had The Most, and I wanted a jetted tub that we could both enjoy. So we got ourselves the luxury room with the two-person bath and king size bed. The room seemed newly renovated and technically had two bathtubs because of the jetted one and the one in the bathroom, which was honestly also pretty big. There was a minifridge, but no microwave (a bit annoying). There were other small odd stuff, like they only gave us about 3 towels and 3 washcloths (Eric sometimes takes two showers a day, so we go through towels pretty fast, and when we kept asking for more the employees were a little confused), there wasn’t any paper or pens in the room when we got there, the ironing board was broken and couldn’t unfold to stand, and the air conditioner was preset so you couldn’t turn it off, up, or down. Lastly, when we told the workers that the ironing board was broken we figured they were about to clean our room so we headed out for the day afterwards. We returned later that day to find that our room hadn’t been touched. Maybe they didn’t clean rooms when it was only a two-night stay. (Photos of the room itself are from the company’s Facebook page)



We stayed on an upper level and it had a nice long balcony pictured here. There was also a nice patio setting in the middle of all the rooms and a fire pit in the center, so large groups or parties could definitely have a nice time!



Not the room we stayed in, but similar
Also not our room, but very similar.

The night that we got to Mystic and checked into the hotel we had time and daylight to go back out one last time, so we headed back to the Old Mystick Village shoppes which were like a five or ten minute drive away. We did some browsing and more shopping! We actually did lose something else this time – Eric handed me some of his purchases and while I was obsessing over perfume I put it down and didn’t pick it back up again. Thank God we realized it sooner than last time (last time we had dinner before we realized it was missing) and we were able to retrace our steps and find where we left it. He blames it on me because I put it down, but WHO WAS THE ONE THAT HANDED ME HIS BAG IN THE FIRST PLACE?

One of my favorite finds from the shoppes was a beautiful opal ring that Eric bought for me. And yes, I BOUGHT MORE BUMPER STICKERS.


The photos I took there were sparse because I got self conscious about it and we were having so much fun with what we were doing I honestly forgot to keep pulling my phone out… which sounds like a pretty good thing to me.



Saw this adorable painting and it reminded me of my late cat Cassanova… and the artist titled it “Allie Cat” which also used to be a popular nickname of mine.

I do have some dumb white girl pans of stuff we looked at though, if anyone wants to watch videos I saved from my Snapchat and Instagram story.

After we shopped until the stores closed at 8, we picked up some Domino’s for the night and stayed in to watch the Joel McCale Show with Joel McCale and test out the tub! I will say that the jetted bath was AMAZING, just as long as you remember not to start with piping hot water because then you won’t be able to get in at all. The jets were a little noisy, but that’s expected as it’s churning the water around. I really have to invest in a speaker anyway.

Tomorrow will be another post about our trip to the Mystic Aquarium, Rhode Island, and more!


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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