Sunday, July 29th

Eric arrived late afternoon last Saturday and I picked him up from the airport. He was pretty tired from working late into the night, packing, and then getting on a plane so we grabbed some essentials and groceries on our way home and then spent the night in with movies and good food so he could relax and we could cuddle. The worst part about long distance relationships is the physical contact, I swear when we finally met up at the airport I hugged him for ten minutes straight and walked him to my car with my arms around him because I missed him so much.

Sunday, I woke up early for some reason and managed to coax him awake before 10 am. It took us a while to get ready, but we went out for breakfast at a place called Tony’s Westside that my friend introduced me to. We’re big breakfast people, so we ended up trying a lot of different places when he was here. The pancakes and French toast passed our inspections with flying colors.


We planned on going to a place called The Last Post which is in Falls Village, Connecticut. It’s a cat and animal sanctuary where we could go and pet cats, which I am always very happy doing. We drove up towards the sanctuary but we changed our minds and decided why not go all the way up to Massachusetts since Eric has never been? We wanted to explore places and the day was Sunday, the weather was beautiful, and we had an empty agenda.

So we headed up to Northampton for our adventure. I had been there a couple of times before with my mother and a friend from high school, but I hadn’t been in maybe a few years. It was the perfect place for us to walk around for a little, shop, and he could pick up souvenirs for his family and himself. I do remember that day being a little too hot though, but being in and out of the shops was a nice perk. We first stopped to fill up on donuts from a place called Glazed in Northampton, which had delicious homemade donuts. I got a classic Vanilla Frosted and Eric decided on a Cookie Dough Donut which was unique and incredibly good.

We went in and out of a lot of shops and I loaded up on bumper stickers, including one that reads “Buckle up because it makes it harder for aliens to suck you up out of your car”. I’ll have to take a picture of my car soon so you can all get the full effect. I LOVE bumper stickers SO MUCH. He grabbed some tiny knick knacks for his sisters, but besides those few things nothing really of worth to write about.

On our way home at the end of the day we passed by Saville Dam in Barkhamsted and since the sun was at a pretty position in the sky we decided to get out for one last walk and more last minute pictures.

I love adventuring with my other half! This was only the beginning of our many journeys together throughout the week. Another post to come tomorrow!


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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