Thursday Ventures

Today was a rather eventful as it was my day off, and I’m gearing up for a daring 40-hour week ahead of me. I figured might as well forget about that upcoming stress and just enjoy the sunny day that I had this Thursday.


It started with picking up a friend of mine from work and we headed to a restaurant called Tony’s Westside for breakfast where I got some delicious French toast and she got a stack of rather large pancakes. Neither of us were able to finish all of our food. We took a stop by Goodwill where we both found steals – I got the Gorillaz album Demon Days and a necklace / jewelry holder, and she found a giant wooden chest with great room for storage and a few knick knacks that she just insisted on having.


On the left is the necklace holder I got! (matches my other two jewelry keepsafes!)

After I dropped her off at her tattoo appointment, I headed out with my friend Ireland from high school. We stopped by a nursery where I picked up two succulents (named Michael Ben & Scott Wyatt) even though I probably should be saving my money (but hey, we all need plants).




Then we took a little adventure to a town called Naugatuck where we were to explore a graveyard called Gunntown Cemetery, which was established in 1790 (we found out about this place from this blog which I LOVE).




The headstones were mostly very old and worn, some almost where the engravings were unreadable.


Plants that were placed besides headstones were incredibly overgrown, some turning into trees and shrubs that towered over our heads.


The creepiest thing we saw was a litter of toys around the cemetery, like a baby doll in the back corner near a lone grave, a purple stuffed animal, and small cars and trucks with a Hello Kitty stuffie found near a small child’s grave (named Mariah, and the headstone also had an animal at the top). They were quite odd to find and were definitely old.




We thought it was pretty spooky at first, but then we attributed these toys to the people who lived in the house directly behind the cemetery (at first we pulled into their driveway thinking it was a place to park). We scoped around for a little while but the bugs were pretty intense so we hopped back on the road shortly after. Even though it was a short visit, it was a beautiful drive. This graveyard has been claimed as “officially” haunted by Ed and Lorraine Warren, and many people have claimed to have paranormal experiences here.

I’m also pretty glad that I got to sit down and take the time to write about my day like this. It was a good, happy day and I’m glad I didn’t waste it. Sometimes when I have days off from work, I get into this existential dread crisis mode where I can’t decide on what to do with myself because nothing seems quite worth it. An I love sitting back and reflecting on my day a bit. I’ll do more in my journal later I’m sure; because the drive to Naugatuck involved a busy highway and it made me feel like a shitty driver. But I won’t talk about that, and I’ll end this positive blog post on a positive note! I hope everyone out there had a happy Thursday as well. I hope you have a great week ahead of you!


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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