Inspiration Trouble on a Friday

My windows are open, it’s very sunny out but it’s only seventy-eight degrees outside. There’s a cool breeze so my room doesn’t feel as stuffy as it did the night before. Yesterday it was hot and humid and sticky. When the weather is like this I always feel really inspired. But that usually gets buried because other members of my house come home and I feel watched and preyed on. Even with my neighbors, I feel too close to them. And I feel like I have nowhere to adventure to without people giving me a look. But I also feel that about everywhere I go.

I feel inspired now, and especially since I’m on Tumblr and I’m always floored by the art that I find there – even the really cheesy, fake deep ones. Makes me want to create art. But I’m no good at it. Writing is the extent of my creativity, I can’t draw or paint for shit. Lately I haven’t even been good at writing, so what does that say about me?

Maybe I’ll keep cleaning my room so then my head will feel clearer and I’ll feel more confident in myself. My motivation has been fairly low lately, as I’ve been working the second shift. Work starts at three in the afternoon and runs all the way until ten. Honestly, I don’t mind being up so late, I just hate how useless I feel during the morning and part of the afternoon before I have to get myself to my job.

Well, whatever I do, I have a lot of new music to listen to and that’s another good motivator for me (especially since I’ve been watching so much YouTube I’ve kind of had enough of it). What are y’all listening to this New Music Friday?


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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