(Community) College Acceptance and a New Ride

Yesterday I did some hardcore, real-life adulting and I’m feeling pretty proud of myself. It was my last day off of the week (even though it was only Tuesday) and the day started off pretty slow despite the ADULTING I mentioned. I woke up at twelve in the afternoon and slept fairly soundly. I got ready quite slowly, as I found that I got a phone call from the community college I applied to, and they left me a message. I called them back, and it turns out that I’m apparently missing a vaccination, but otherwise my application was accepted (and the admissions lady even said she put me through officially!) and I could make an appointment with advisors for further discussion. Hadn’t even been awake for more than two hours and I got something accomplished! I added “call doctor” to my mental to-do list (it’s still on there) and hung up with the admissions lady, excited.

Not only was I excited about this news, but I was pumped because yesterday was the day that I picked up my new (to me) car! I’m sure I wrote a little about the woes of my vehicle, but Sunday I sealed the deal on a Hyundai Accent and Tuesday I was allowed to pick it up and trade in my old car for this new one. I have to start paying monthly payments for this 2016 model, but I’m confident in myself that I can do it and I’ll be much happier and safer in this upgrade.


The previous Sunday my mother and I ventured out car shopping and stopped at a couple different places, but only finding a select amount of cars because my budget was quite small. In the end, my decision came down to a Hyundai Accent or a Kia Forte (which was a tiny bit bigger and more expensive), but I chose the Accent because the Forte needed extra money down as well as my car trade-in worth. And with the Accents, the dealership had two available, same make, model, and year, just in two different colors (and the Forte was silver, and the color was a reason I didn’t like it, too plain). There was one in red, and another in blue.

Me signing for my Hyundai!

My first car, which I was trading in, was a blue Suzuki Reno. Everyone knows I drive a blue car. Even though I’d never had a red car before and I was intrigued, I ended up choosing the blue. I had my pendulum in my purse, and because I honestly was stuck between the “new” and “old” colors, I asked it what I should do. When you ask a pendulum a question it will begin to spin either clockwise or anti-clockwise, and that will be the “yes” or “no” answer. I asked it if I should choose the red car, and it said no, then I asked about the blue, and it said yes. The car dealer man that was assisting us was totally freaked out by how I was using it.

And now today I drove my new whip to work and home again, even stopping for some groceries. I’m loving it, especially the automatic roll-down window on the driver’s side and the convenient door lock buttons on my keys – because my 2006 car prior didn’t have such a luxury.


Also just wanted to show off the bumper stickers I put on… I managed to transfer my “Virginia is For Lovers” sticker from my old car to this one. I have a Martha’s Vineyard sticker from my friend Charlotte, a Life is Good sticker and the stick man is playing a guitar, and another sticker that says “KINDA WEIRD”. I hope to get more soon!

Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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