Something Recently

I’m really bad at keeping this blog updated. But I’ve been writing a lot in my journal now which I think is more important. I’d rather get my thoughts down on private paper before I start writing things again now that I’m getting into a more positive headspace that may even advance to a motivated headspace. I cut my hair off because I was tired of having it and not knowing what to do with it. I didn’t feel like me with the length my hair was before. Now it’s short and I don’t have to worry about it as much.

I bought a face mask the other day and used it last night. I sat in the sunlight this morning and wrote. I hope to do it all again tomorrow. My therapist said some very interesting things at our last session that have resonated quite well. I hope to talk about it in a future post.

For tonight, this is what I leave this blog with. One thought I had while showering tonight was that I want my life to be more photogenic, so let it be known that I WILL try tomorrow to take pictures of what I’m doing in my life. If I don’t post anything, I failed.


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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