Music Review: Lykke Li – deep end / hard rain

I am a longtime fan of Lykke Li, and I would consider her one of my favorite artists of all time, not to mention top female musicians I’ve ever come across. She’s been hinting about being in the studio for a while now on her Instagram, and not too long ago she released two songs that I listened to on Spotify.


It was definitely not what I was expecting at all! Her last album, I Never Learn was very acoustic and soul driven. I remember her commenting how it was the end to a trilogy, which included the two albums released prior. So maybe I’m just used to that aesthetic of her era.


These two new tracks feature trap-like beats that sound clean and fresh even though I always feel like all trap music sounds kind of the same. Her voice is one of my favorites so the vocals in both of the songs did not disappoint. It was just so odd to hear her voice with the new trend of music genre that I’m not necessarily too keen on. But as I keep listening to the songs over again, I like her progression. It still sounds like her past creations with the supporting harmonic vocals that accentuate her voice very well. In the past, the instrumental portion of her songs were usually guitars (acoustic) and a deep bass drum that always reminded me of the sound of a beating heart.


Overall, the release could’ve been worse but it does sound like a lot of the rest of the  music being released today. Catch me listening to “deep end” more often than not, but I’ll still like her older music better than this new stuff. I’m a little disappointed with the change, but all artists grow and change and progress, so there’s nothing wrong with that!


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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