State Parks and the Topic of Journals

My friend and I went to a state park that was about fifteen minutes from my house and I didn’t even know it. We really adored it when we explored it for a while, but it’s so cold out that we didn’t stay outside for long because the wind drove us back into my car. It’s already April and I’m still wearing my winter coat and it’s near unbearable to go outside right now (I just don’t enjoy being cold). We both agreed that we’ll definitely come back here when it gets warmer because it’ll be even more beautiful with spring colors and life.








Today when we were hanging out we spoke about a lot of different topics, and one thing that stood out to me that she mentioned was how much she was journaling and the things she was writing about. I noticed that I really missed writing about these things, and it was only times like when I spoke to people one on one or when I was learning that I really was exploring my thoughts and ideas. For some reason every other moment of my life I don’t feel inspired or provoked by anything around me, I don’t ever want to make a comment or a reaction or even a statement. I miss saying something. I miss saying something, even if that means saying it to no one and putting it in a journal that nobody will see. I just miss coming up with stuff and putting a good idea in a filing cabinet, other than my brain because my brain is super forgetful. So I’m starting this whole learning process over again with writing my current thoughts about my day in a blog post to warm up. How did I do?


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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