March Moods

As usual, I’ve been having a great time driving around in my car, by myself, with the windows down (even if it’s still cold outside, just not like, all the way down) and my music turned up a little too loud.

There have been a couple songs that have stood out in this month of March. Since moving home I’ve gotten a job yet sat around in the house I grew up in just loitering and waiting for life to happen. So when I get in my car, I’ve been opting for songs that make me feel animated and basically energetic.

I saw my cousin Emma towards the end of her spring break a couple weeks ago, and when I drove her home we bonded over our love for the song “Stranger’s Kiss” by Alex Cameron and Angel Olsen. I have loved Olsen for a few years now and Emma filled me in how much she adored Cameron’s music, and so I’ve been listening to him at night as I fall asleep. This song “Stranger’s Kiss” is very fun to sing out loud in my opinion.


When Lust for Life by Lana Del Rey was released my favorite was immediately “In My Feelings”. But for some reason I couldn’t find a YouTube video of it that I could rip from the internet (Sorry, I didn’t pay for my music for a while). I didn’t get Spotify Premium until I went to college so I could download and listen offline with unlimited skips. Now I have a designated Music iPod with 32 gigabytes worth of memory all devoted to Spotify now. I’ve been trying to hit those notes with Lana for multiple car rides as well.


I had a lot of old songs that popped up from deep in my music library. The Killers made multiple appearances, especially “Spaceman” (big emphasis on that one) and less so “Human” and “Mr. Brightside”, the classics. The Flaming Lip’s anthem “Yoshimi Battles the Pink Robots Part 1” resurfaced even though it’s kind of always been bobbing near the surface, this tune tends to stay in my head long after I’ve heard it. Another tune from Grimes’ Art Angels has stuck to me, and this time it’s “Butterfly” whereas the past few weeks I’ve gone through literally every other song from that album.


Guster was another band that had more than one song appear in my “Late March Mood” playlist on Spotify. My all-time favorite song by them is by FAR, “Careful”, and I really want to learn how to play that song on my guitar and maybe even eventually sing as well (UNLIKELY, but I like trying!).


I was super anxious and self-conscious about attending orientation and starting my training at my new job. So, I did the only thing that really gets me pumped up. I gathered up all the songs I could think of at like 2am that would give me a feel-good vibe the next morning as I travel to my first eight thirty AM shift. Right now, it features mainly Grouplove, Bleachers, Passion Pit and Saint Motel, but I need (and want!) recommendations of songs that make you feel better so I can expand the playlist and add some spice here and there.


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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