Cosmo Pyke – Music Find

I’ve written about this particular artist before, but looking back on that post I really hated the way I phrased everything. And since I’ve been listening to his EP with fresh ears, I figured a fresh blog post highlighting who he is would be a good idea!


I can’t remember how I found him, probably through Spotify or, but I stumbled upon eighteen-year-old instrumentalist Cosmo Pyke somehow and enjoyed his funky vibe. He’s from southeast London and has a couple singles and one EP called Just Cosmo (all singles are featured on this EP). He’s got a lo-fi, chill groove that goes from telltale riffs to jazzy beats that kind of mix together the guitar sound of King Krule and the voice of Childish Gambino. He describes his own music as “spacey, beautiful, and lazy” (sounds kind of like how I would describe myself…?). My favorite track from this EP is definitely “Chronic Sunshine” because it transfers back and forth between a jazzy bop and a swirling melody for the chorus.


His other songs range from easygoing melodies that are nearly hypnotic to funky, transcendent beats that are accompanied by beautiful guitar strums and a sultry, deep voice. His music has always had the “free summer vibe” aesthetic to me, so when the warmer weather finally comes back, you know that this is what I’ll be listening to.


Also, I would like to point out that writing about music is NOT my strong suit – yet I love doing it and I’ll always try to put something together. So I apologize if this is terribly written, even though I took a whole class on how to write and analyze music for how it makes you feel and what it sounds like, I guess I didn’t learn very much. I figured I’d try one last time to write about this particular artist who never fails to impress me with his skills.


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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