Guitar Troubles

Since I arrived back home from Kentucky, I’ve been wanting to play my guitar that I pretty much abandoned by my junior year of high school.

I played for maybe two years, but I eventually stopped because I never practiced and I was getting private lessons that I was never prepared for. And since it was too big for me to lug across the country, I just kind of left my guitar to collect dust in my room.

And I think that was the problem – I left it in my vacant bedroom for the few remaining months of winter, and I had just replaced the strings so they were brand new and nice and tight. With the temperature dropping, I’m pretty sure that the strings got too tight and ended up snapping the wood.


The only other way I can guess that it broke was if the stand it was on tipped forward and landed on something that would cause the wood to smash, but the way that it’s broken makes me think the prior.


Fun fact, I named this guitar Soliloquy when I first purchased her. She was about ninety dollars and I got her from the music store where I took my lessons. She’s a very average beginner’s guitar, so honestly salvaging her isn’t really that important. But, since I haven’t started my new job yet and I don’t have any money, trying to fix her is the best I can do right now. When I do have money, however, it’ll probably cost more to fix her than it would be to just buy a new, basic acoustic guitar, so I might end up just saving for a new one. But the sentimentality, right? Everyone wants to keep their first guitar.


So I used some gorilla glue, and then the only duct tape that was available in the house – which is decorated with RV campers and yard flamingos and whatnot. I don’t really care, I think it adds character. Last night when I was taping her up I really thought this was gonna work because it was all holding pretty steady.


The next morning I went out and bought strings and put them on, and now I’m really seeing that the pressure from the strings is a lot on the two pieces I tried to stick together. The duct tape is pulling apart and I can see where the wood bent originally, whereas last night when I first taped it there was no gap or space.


So I don’t know what’s going to end up happening with my original guitar. I’ve got the new strings on and they work fine, but after tuning one string another goes out of tune, and I’m sure it’s because the wood adjusts to the taught-ness of the newly-tuned string and pulls the other strings out of tune. I start my job after the 26th, and it’ll probably take me a couple of weeks to save up money for another instrument, but I’m dying to play! If there are any guitar-players out there, any advice? Is she shot to hell or is there a chance of saving her?


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