Some Progress is Still Progress

I honestly thought that the nice weather today was going to help my spirits and motivation stay elevated, but I still find myself sitting in various spots of the house watching the same TV show. Last night I posted a blogpost describing how I needed to get some things done today; and I actually did manage to go for a walk, which is surprising. The last thing I thought I’d be able to do is go outside, but I actually did it anyway and it was really nice. I wish it wasn’t that late in the day already because I’d go out again, but the day is ending and school is over and people start coming home around now.


I went outside at twelve in the afternoon and there were no cars on the road. An old man was walking the opposite way of me and we both exchanged hellos and he commented about how nice the weather was today. I made a joke about the oncoming snow that we both disagreed over and then carried on with our separate journeys. For once, I felt like a human being living in the adult world. Never thought my life would ever come to something like that.


I ended up staring at my horrific closet and piles of stuff sitting around my room before I sat down to write this blogpost instead. I’m hoping that if I open the windows and enough fresh air runs through I’ll be enticed enough to get up again. I have a bunch of clothes I need to sort through so I can see what I should sell and what clothes I can donate. My closet is also filled with a lot of old toys that I could easily sell for some extra pocket money but I’m still sitting on my butt.

I’ve got clothes to fold too, now that I realize my second load of laundry is done in the basement and I’m eyeing the basket of clothes at the edge of my bed that has yet to be put away. I have fresh sheets ready for my bed as well. Nothing’s better than the feeling of jumping into bed with clean sheets… so why don’t I just do that for myself…?

I don’t know why I don’t do these tasks that would obviously help me feel better, and are just things I need to get done in general. After writing this all down and letting the thoughts simmer for a bit, I’m sure I’ll get some motivation to do some folding, because that’s what’s easiest. I know I’m making slow progress and ANY progress is better than no progress.

My sister’s cat, Suki

Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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