Brand New Attempt

I have made blogs and posts over and over again and each time I delete them because something isn’t right with it. I’m really hoping that what I’m doing right now doesn’t get thrown into that stereotypical mix.

I am not new to blogging, though this fresh-faced blog itself might say otherwise. I have tried Blogspot, I’ve tried SimpleSite, I browsed Squarespace (and can’t afford it) and now I’m trying WordPress. I actually spent some money on this stuff, so I hope I can actually grab a hold of this hobby.
I have a couple of posts from my old blog that are reviews and writing prompts that I’m going to transfer over to this blog just for the sake of getting more content on here. I’m going to date them older than this post currently because I did write them last year. And I hate posting a large bulk of my content all at one time because then… I don’t know, it looks tacky. And I can’t remember for the life of me to space out posts, so I’m throwing that idea out the window. I want to post more movie/documentary reviews and just general discussion thoughts about it because a lot of the time when I’m done watching those kind of things, I have a lot going through my mind. I also would love to write more music reviews because that’s what I used to do a lot of the time, but I kind of suck at them. So whether or not those will come back is still an unanswered question.
Who even am I? What even is this? Those are great questions, and valid points. My name is Allison, and I’m nineteen. I currently live in Connecticut, I moved back into my parents house after lasting a semester and some change in Kentucky at Bellarmine University.
This is me and my boyfriend’s fat kitty cat, Spooky.
I have a lot of soul searching left to do. I thought that moving away to this college was going to be the giant, life-changing step that I’ve been needing for the last eighteen years, but it turns out it just sent me back down the deep, dark Depression hole that my brain chemically creates on it’s own. The love of my life lives in Bowling Green, and my main reason for moving to the South (some regional maps I’m looking at conclude that Kentucky is considered a Midwest state) was to be closer to him. However, I was still two hours away by car, I didn’t have my vehicle, and my boy doesn’t have his license yet so meeting up and spending time together was still kind of hard and complicated.
My boyfriend, Eric and I met for the first time in Virginia Beach in July 2016 after meeting on Tumblr and talking for about 6 months.
Here’s us as of February 2018.
My school was ridiculously expensive and I didn’t get a job. I had a job throughout high school that I had quit to move away.
Me about a week after my Fall semester started!
Me moving in!
Now that I’m back home, I’m searching everywhere for some way to make some cash and get myself back on my feet. I want to stand on solid ground and then go back to school – and this time at a community college that isn’t costing an arm and a leg to my parents and myself. I don’t even really have a clear perception of what I want my career to be and what my future will look like, so I don’t want to waste all my money on something I’m not sure about.
My mind went all over the place here, and I’m never really sure how to close out posts that I make. But anyway, hopefully this will be the site that I use from here on our for all blogging needs. Fingers crossed.

Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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