My Problem with Star Wars: The Last Jedi


First before you read this little review/overview of the new Star Wars movie, just know that I am a real Star Wars fan as I grew up watching the original trilogy (my mother would put them on for me so she could take a two hour nap, she knew I’d be entertained the whole time), as well as the prequels. And if you liked this new installment, I’d love to hear about it! I don’t mean to create anything from this, I just wanted to state some things that I noticed and felt could’ve been better about the movie as a whole, not just apart of the franchise. 🙂

Today I went to see The Last Jedi for the second time in theaters, and I think since I had the pleasure of watching this two hour and thirty-three minute long film twice, I figured I’d try writing now that I’m back home in Connecticut (and not really enjoying it) and I need something different to do. Also who remembers the last time I even made a blog post about something cool and recent?
The first time around, I sort of enjoyed it. But the second viewing it became much less appealing. I would also like to say that even though I may not have liked it, it keeps you entertained for the whole run time. I remember almost falling asleep during The Force Awakens. The thing that got me the most was how this movie was written, and how it really lacks the whimsicality of the original trilogy while pushing humor way too much.

Poor Lines

I have a lot to say about this. This is the main factor that makes this new series significantly worse than the original. I rolled my eyes so many times, and then cringed when I heard them for a second time. Lines like “What’s your story, Roundie?” “Where are the… crystal critters?” “[something something]… CHROME DOME”. Who came up with these? Stop trying to be so witty. I want to know what their cool-ass alternate dimension specie name is. Speaking of cool alternate dimension names… where were they in this movie? We keep getting these short, irrelevant names that sound like something out of a child’s storybook… Paige, Snoke, Hux, Rose… to quote my sister, Erika: “Are there even roses in this galaxy??”

Lack of Universe Diversity

The first thing my sister mentioned to me when we went today, was how there was a lot more humans than we’re used to seeing in Star Wars movies. Besides, shouldn’t we? Because it is a galaxy filled with millions of different species, so odds are there would be quite a few hidden in here and there. On the Resistance, there were maybe two or three noticeable ones, but all background and new/important characters were human. What’s up with that? We have the ability to create amazing characters with makeup and effects and CGI or whatever nowadays… why aren’t we using it? The old Star Wars universe was really diverse and included main characters who weren’t wholly human.
Here’s The Resistance… in this frame alone there’s only one non-human character.
This is a sketch of the briefing room meeting in Return of the Jedi. There are two droids and three non-human species, and while watching there is another hooded character added sitting with the rest of the group.

Sure, there was a cool planet that features a BUNCH of aliens and cool looking beings, but do we get to know any personally? Are they actually important to the story, as a personalized character? No.

The clothing and design of these characters are really cool, but they’re only in a small portion of the movie.

Definitely a Disney movie

Let me just say this first – I fucking hate porgs. They were dumb, and honestly just annoying. They are the Star Wars version of a minion and it kind of disgusts me.
A general introduction to some of the new creatures in the newest film.



Okay, we really didn’t need to see Kylo Ren without a shirt on, and the director was just appealing to the fanbase that fantasizes about Kylo. The two scenes where you can actually see his bare chest has no dialogue whatsoever – it’s just him and Rey staring at each other.
starwars1 (1)starwars2


There were way too many coincidences to me. Like, it just happened to be that these certain events fall into place… it’s very unlikely. There were some powers that were discovered that made me think, why wasn’t this able to be detected/used before? There were a lot of shock factors that made more questions about the trilogy itself, and all of them still go unanswered.
Overall, this movie was better than the trilogy’s opening The Force Awakens, but is nowhere near the original series, and honestly even the prequels. I could just be saying that because I also grew up with the prequels, and my boyfriend has pointed out that I’m biased about those since I watched them so many times I made it in my brain that they were good (when really the scripts were rather poor). No doubt I’ll see the last installment when it comes out, but I probably won’t be too excited about it. And I know that there will be more trilogies to follow since this movie ended with a nice little cliff hanger that sets off a new branch of a story, but I probably won’t care enough to waste my time watching them. I’d rather just rewatch my childhood, where all my favorite, beloved characters are.

Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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