Yall, She Actually Did Something

Just yesterday I finally managed to knock something off my bucket list, so I guess you could say I’m well on my way into making my life into the way I want it to be. I used to have a giant list that I spent of days working on. But I think it was on my Tumblr, and then I deleted the page that I had it saved on, so now it’s gone forever. But I distinctly remember this being a bullet, and I never thought I’d get brave enough to actually do it.

I’ve always wanted to have a face piercing. You know, something that isn’t my ears. But I never could decide what I wanted. Not to mention, I have an incredibly debilitating fear of needles, and I have terrible anxiety that makes me so paranoid it’s hard to function. But I turned eighteen and I realized that all the cool people I know have facial piercings, and it’s time for me to become one of them.

So my sister and I ventured out to Waterbury on Saturday night to get some piercings, but it turns out piercers didn’t work that late, so the trip was for nothing. But yesterday, on a rainy Tuesday afternoon, I put a hole through my right nostril and now I have a tiny, black opal sticking out the side.


My piercer was AWESOME, she was chill, beautiful, and was wearing the cutest outfit!! She sort of pushed me to keep going through with it, because I told her that I was nervous. She walked me right through it, but I knew that I was gonna crash and burn. Not long after she shoved the metal through my nose, I sat up and felt the world start to tilt.

I ended up getting SUPER SUPER light headed, and then tossed my cookies TWICE, in front of my piercer, sister, and another worker in the store. They were super nice and sweet about it all, but I was so embarrassed. I mean, I just barfed in front of strangers, so would you be too? I was drenched in sweat, and all I could feel was the bar sticking through my skin and the first thing I did was whine about how weird it felt, and how I didn’t like it. I probably cried a bit, too (whatta wimp). But after chewing two glucose tablets and chugging a bottle of water, I was totally fine. It wasn’t even fifteen minutes later that I was able to take a decent selfie (even though my bangs were ruined from sweating my ass off).


While I waited, my sister got an industrial bar put in her ear, and she told me that it was the worst pain she’s ever felt. And I don’t blame her, I could NEVER EVER get my cartilage pierced because it GROSSES ME OUT SO MUCH. Then I ended up driving home and bragging to my mother that I can, IN FACT, pierce my nose. I might’ve been scared, but I overcame my fear. TAKE THAT MOM. I CAN DO FUCKING ANYTHING.



Shoutout to my sis for the pictures, even though they’re not flattering.


Living, loving, learning, growing, being, seeing.

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